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Support for earthquake victims:I on behalf of whole Nepalese would kindly request you all to make generous donation for the devastating earthquake victims and if possible provide any kind of service you can
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"Chhahari" means roof (this means that all volunteers are welcome to accompany us towards our goal of helping people that are in need.)

CGN conducts various volunteering, internship as well as gap year program for international students and volunteers. Such as English Teaching in deprived school or orphange home, medical internship, medical electives in physiotherapie, journalism and media work, environmental awareneess, community development, charity tours etc. in association with The Lions Club of Kathmandu Samakhushi District 325 B1

Earthquake Relief and Rebuild Nepal Fund!

Nepal has been seriously devastated by the recent earthquake. More than 8,000 people have died, thousands more are injured, and countless more are displaced and unaccounted. Many residenta buildings, homes, temples, and public monuments have been destroyed throughout the affected areas. For the Nepal earthquake victims, we Chhahari Group Nepal is continuing to raise funds for immediate relief as well as long term rebuilding process of Nepal. With this funds, we will buy relief materials such as tents, food, and water etc. and distribute these items to the affected areas as soon as possible. In the coming days, we will support reconstruction and recovery efforts in some villages and help to improve living conditions so the residents can start over.

I on behalf of whole Nepalese would kindly request you all to make generous donation for the quake victims and if possible provide any kind of service you can.

I would kindly request you all to make generous donation for the quake victims using below paypal link.

 Distributing food and relief material to quake victims at Kavresthali Village in association with Lions club

earthquake struck Nepal
food for earthquake victims


Contributors list:

Name Organization Country
Carl SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 100.00
Abhilash SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 40.00
Sneha SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 40.00
Simon SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 90.00
Christela SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 20.00
Johan SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 20.00
Daniel SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
EUR 40.00
David SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
EUR 20.00
Ashok SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
EUR 100.00
Urs SOFGEN Switzerland
EUR 50.00
Antoine SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
EUR 20.00
Andrew SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
EUR 40.00
Sophie SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 50.00
Elodie SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 20.00
Charles SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 40.00
Camilo SOFGEN SaveTax Switzerland
CHF 160.00
Camilla Scotti   Italy
EUR 110.00
Chiara   Italy
EUR 10.00
Meeta   UK
EUR 50.00
cohen   UK
EUR 35.00
EUR 15.00


EUR 75.00
EUR 15.00
Emanuela /Ronaldo   Romania
EUR 100.00
Akira/Diana   Switzerland
EUR 250.00
Patrizia   Italy
EUR 200.00
Xu Xu   China
EUR 10.00
Amanda   Norway
EUR 50.00
Peter   Austria
EUR 20.00
Thomas   Austria
EUR 100.00
EUR 50.00
Olivier   Switzerland
EUR 200.00
silene   Italy
EUR 70.00
Federica   Italy
EUR 50.00
Ou Zuqin   China
EUR 30.00

Head Office:
Jyatha, Thamel , Kathmandu, Nepal,
G.P.O.Box: 8974 CPC 449, Phone : 977 1 4233084, 4233085, Fax: 977 1 4212203
HMG Regd No.: 737/60/061 Social Welfare Council Regd No.: 21900
Email: info@volunteers.org.np or chhahari@yahoo.com

Contact Address in Europe:

Avenue de Thonex-14, 1225 Chene-Bourg
Geneva, Switzerland
Email: ashok@volunteers.org.np
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SchoolSchool for Poors
In the face of great need, we propose to open and operate a new school in Kathmandu, Nepal. This school will provide up to 60 students with four daily classes in: Nepalese language, English language, Mathematics, and Personal Hygiene.  more...
Gap Year NepalScholarship program
In current era education is most powerful weapon for the every human being. In our context quality education is being most expensive than other stuff.  Most of the gifted children represent the village and poverty line.  Who knows, they might be our country’s future?  To alive this thought we are proving scholarship and study material for those gifted children who are under poverty line in yearly basis.
Gap Year NepalHandicrafts Home
Due to the increasing ratio of educated unemploment in country we are runing Handicrafts home to promot selfemployment in society.
Friendship Nepal Tours
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The Chhahari Group Nepal is a great organisation; I had a life-experience last year! If you want to learn more about and experience the Nepalese culture and in the same time learn about healthcare in a developing country, The Chhahari Group Nepal is the organization for you!

Anne Schoutens- Neitherland
Medical Electives-Kanti Children Hospital

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