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Some important hints about Nepal.

Beware of touts who claim to be representing companies and offer to take you bargain hunting.

Use hotel safety boxes for your valuables. Do not leave cash and other valuable things lying around in the room.

Table manner in Nepal is quite different from those at home. In typical and traditional Nepali houses, plates, knives, forks and spoons may be absent form the dinner table. While eating, Nepalese people use their right hand. But this does not mean, however, that the guests are not to use forks and spoons.

Any food and utensils touched by the used knife or spoon or fingers or lips or into which spittle has fallen is considered "Jutho" which means "contaminated". It would humiliate a person if such were offered to him. Nor should the dish containing the food be used again without it being properly washed.

Hospitals and Drug Store: The hospitals, drug houses, dispensaries and pharmaceutical shops of Kathmandu sell all kinds of medicines, including those imported from overseas. The major general hospitals and private Clinics are available in Kathmandu Valley.

Veterinary: For all veterinary needs there are excellent veterinary hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley which are as fellows Newspapers and Magazines: The major newspapers in Kathmandu are The Rising Nepal (Daily) – English, The Kathmandu Post (Daily) – English, Gorkhapatra (Daily) – Nepali, Kantipur (Daily) – Nepali. Besides a number of other newspapers and magazines – local and international are also available in the book stalls.

Radio: Radio Nepal broadcasts different programs in both short wave and medium wave transmissions through three session in a day from 5:00AM to 11:00 PM. Now a days number of FM Radio program are broadcasting for entertainment. English news bulletins are broadcasting daily at 8AM and 8PM in Radio Nepal.

Television: We have various TV Channel now a Day such as Nepal1, Image Metro, Kantipur, CEC, Nepal Television(NTV Govt Media), NTV Metro etc. Nepal1 television transmits for 24 hrs and other channel transmits from early morning 12AM. On Saturday special entertaining programs are transmitted from 12 noon to 5 PM. Except that you can have other various News, Sports, Music, Movie oriented int'l channel such as MTV, CNN, BBC, Star Movie, ESPN, TEN Sports, according to Local Cable Operator. As well as you can watch English, Indian, Korean, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and many more channels in Nepal.

Entertainment: There are many types of entertainment in the city of Kathmandu. These include theatrical shows including classical and light performances. The cinema hall in Kathmandu screen Nepali, Indian and other regional movies. There are private art galleries and a national art Gallery called NAFA in Kathmandu which exhibit and sell all sorts of modern and traditional paintings.

Shopping: Shopping can be very rewarding and exciting in Kathmandu. There are numerous tourist shops on the main street and in the arcades of hotels with tempting jewelries, image, clothes and typical Nepalese crafts. In some of the small village shops (like Thimi) one can obtain in traditional makes and beautiful potteries. Antiques can be taken out of the country with special permission granted by the Department of Archeology only. Traditional Craftsmen's Colony in Patan is also a famous shopping center for Nepalese handicrafts.

Some do’s and don’ts: The Nepalese people are friendly and hospitable by nature and the tourists in general will have no difficulty in adjustment. At the same, into may be confused regarding some customs, traditions and manners as in coming into any unfamiliar society. Nepal like any other country has its own way of regulating life though it might be different in degrees to each individual visitors. We want the visitors to observe and see the way of Nepalese people live and share with them. It is in this spirit that we offer some practical guidelines that could help to make the stay delightfully, homely and rewarding. The religious way of life Religion is an integral and deep – rooted part of Nepalese life. Temples, images, scared paintings are to be seen everywhere. Majority of the people are Hindus in Nepal, never – them less, Buddhism has also important is place in this country. Hinduism and Buddhism are closely connected in Nepal and it would take a life time’s study to understand the complexities of country’s religious life. Some hints regarding religious matter. Visitors to Hindu temple or Buddhist shrine are expected to be unsold as a mark if respect. In fact, a pair of open sandals is more convenient and comfortable while visiting the temples and stupas.

  • In some of the temples entrance may be prohibited for the non Hindus.

  • Leather articles are prohibited to be taken inside the temple precinct.

  • It is better not to touch offerings or persons when they are on the way to shrines.

  • Beef is strictly prohibited among both Hindus and Buddhist. No female animal is killed for food.

  • Walking around temple or Stupa is traditionally done clockwise.

  • Generally temples, stupa and monuments are permitted to be photographed but it is better to ask authorized persons to have permission before using the camera.

Social outlooks: Since the majority of our people live in rural areas, their outlook of life is simple and traditional. In fact, they take special delight in the company of foreign visitors but there are certain things that are alien or embarrassing to Nepalese people. Here are few things to keep in mind.

- It is better to decently clad when visiting any place. Sun and beach wear is not proper when roaming around.

- Briefs, shorts, bare shoulders and backs may not be appreciated. One need not be stiff and overdressed but comfortably and decently covered.

- Do not be offended if a Nepalese lady hesitates to shake hands. In Nepal, people, especially women, do not normally shake hands when they greet one another, but instead press the palms together in a prayer – like gesture known as "Namaste".

- Public display of affection between man and woman is frowned upon. Do not do something that is totally alien to our environment.

- We are hard on drug abuse, trafficking and possession of drugs are taken as serious offences.

Cheap charity breeds beggars but does not solve their basic problem. Therefore, do not encourage beggary by being benevolent.


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