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Orphanage Mission Nepal
orphans, help Orphans Nepal, Orphanage Asia, Homeless Child, Work with an Orphanage Nepal, Nepal Orphanage Program, About Orphanage NepalIn this program volunteers will be placed in an orphanage home located in capital city of Kathmandu and surrounding as well as remote part of the country. Your role as a volunteer is to be a guardian to the children. An important help that volunteers provide to orphanage will be basic English language teaching to children. Besides teaching, the orphanages operate several creative programs like arts, sports, nutrition, and sanitation. Orphanages welcome active participation in administrative works, health education, games, drawing and creativity work with the children. With your service to poor children, you will be changing the meaning and perspective of life that those orphans will have as they reach adulthood. The work is a great mission and provides a real life-changing experience for you.

Our Project for Orphans
School for orphans/escaped children
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