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Volunteer's Voice

The Chhahari Group Nepal set me up with a great host family in Kathmandu and a volunteer placement in Kanti Childrens Hospital. The Group was readily available when I had questions during my trip preparation and provided a nice trip to Dakshinkali Temple while I was in Kathmandu. It was overall a great experience to volunteer in Nepal with the help of The Chhahari Group.

Nikki Hoffman -Canada
(Medical Volunteer-
Kanti Hospital)

I spend 2 weeks volunteering with the Chhahari Group doing photo-journalizm. This was an exciting time working with Rajeesh from the local paper Rising Nepal. I was able to see many different cultures in the Kathmandu area as well as learn more about taking meaningful pictures. Rajeesh was an excellant teacher on what subjects to take pictures of and making me think of how people might view the pictures. This was very helpful in learning what newspapers etc are looking for in story's. I spent time in Kathmandu during which the King of Nepal was still in control of the government after removing his government back in Feb. Of course the consular sheets warned against going to Nepal because of the uprisings and the Maoist terrorist problems. I however found Nepal an extremely safe place to travel. The people are wonderful and very friendly. I really enjoyed the host family I stayed with. They were very nice and friendly and they welcomed me as part of their family. Ambika the mother, is the best cook in Nepal. Her food was absolutely wonderful!!! So those of you coming to volunteer ask to stay there!!! Don't let what is said in the media keep you away from this beautiful country that has so much to offer. You will enjoy your time there and look forward to coming back as I am looking forward to coming back to Nepal. Those of you that like to shop, this is a great place to shop with the best prices out of all the countries I have traveled to.

Tamara Stump- Photo Journalist (Rising Nepal) USA

David Stein

Spending a month in Nepal was the most incredible experience. In fact, so incredible that I find it difficult to put it into words (but I will try!)

Firstly, Ram and Ashok at Chhahari made me feel comfortable and welcome right away. They were always friendly, always available and always ready to help out. It was through Chhahari that I had the opportunity to volunteer at Channel Nepal TV news.

My work at Channel Nepal was extremely interesting and valuable. I learned so much about the process of gathering
and creating news for television broadcast. Everbody at Channel Nepal was really friendly and helpful, allowing me
access to every part of the production process and teaching me how everything works. The news reporters and the office team were so patient and willing to have me around that I began to feel like a part of the team! Because they always invited me to join them in whatever they were doing, I learned a great deal and gained very useful skills. Added
to that, I felt like I made so many good friends over our daily cup of chiya together!

I have been lucky enough to travel in Europe, the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, and Nepal is probably the most
amazing place I have ever seen. Kathmandu is full of life and colour with something beautiful and interesting to see around every corner. I loved visiting its temples and historical buildings, and learning about the age-old culture of the people. Walking through the city I always felt an incredible power and spirituality in everything. And even though it was a time of political uncertainty, I felt a strong sense of peace from everything around me.

In addition to the many things the city had to offer were the friendliest people I have ever met. I was touched by the warmth and kindness of the Nepali people who are always ready for a cup of tea and a chat about life, philosophy
and anything else.

One of the highlights of my time in Nepal was most definitely my stay with the Joshi family. On the night that I arrived I already felt like a part of the family, and for the month that I stayed there we spent so many wonderful moments getting to know each other. I will always remember their warmth and their concern and so many great times that we shared together. This truly is a very special family and anyone would be lucky to get to know them. I was so happy in their home that I never wanted to leave, but I feel that I will always have my Nepali family in Kathmandu.

I felt sad when I heard about tourists cancelling their travel plans due to the political unrest in Nepal. On one hand I felt sad because the country needs to rely on its tourism now more than ever, but I also felt sad for tourists who missed the chance to visit this unique and unforgettable place. I can say that I never felt unsafe during this time. In fact, I was aware that the police and other authorities made extra efforts to ensure my safety and security as a foreign visitor.

Even though I have left, Nepal has stayed with me and will do so always. I know that I will be back there someday, and every day I hope for everything of the best for this remarkable and beautiful place.

David Stein
Photography Journalism - Space Times Network

My host family was amazing and I had a really good experience with them.  The program provided really great opportunities.  For a nursing student, there are some improvements for future volunteers.  First, having students bring scrubs as well as other business clothing is critical.  So is telling volunteers to bring their own boxes of gloves and disposable masks or a cloth mask.  Students also need to know to bring an extra pair of sandals (not shoes) for the hospital.  This is all different from what we need to bring in America and Europe.

Megan Wildes
Nursing Student - USA

Namaste Ashok !

I lived something very deep and wonderful in Nepal this summer.

I want to say to you a lot of things about this experience.

To begin I think the organisation was very good. When we arrive Arun hosted, we was VIP because we didn't wait for the passeport ! After the taximan drove us to home. Your family hosted very friendly like nepali goodmorning. The rooms was confortable.

It was great to have a driver for two days who drived us to places, to do photo, to the office. After to hospital we was hosted too by Bishop. He looked after us very well during the internship. I liked because it's very important to be host good and all the time we knowed what we do and we was in total security.

The internship was very interesting. Sometimes it was difficult to do something because nurses was busy and we was a lot of nursing students in wards, sometimes until twelve, so it was difficult to do care. But what it was great is if we want to change of ward we could.

I went to neonatal intensive care, I learn a lot about injections, canula, washing baby, take vitals sign, illness, culture. The nurses and doctor were kindly and interesting to me. It was a good experience and all it happened good from start to end. I did my evaluation because my school wanted I reach a certain level and  I managed to reach my  goals with a very high score !

Your family is very nice, specially I like very much Sita and Ram. We laugh a lot with all the family and the children.

We discovered the Nepal and I m very happy to choice this country. And I m so happy of you and the organisation of the association because we can have trust in you since august 2011, and we had chance to find Chhahari.

Another think was for the nepali courses. We bellived normally we must to have this course like it is writing on internet but we did't have. It's not a problem but it would be interesting to learn nepali. So we learn a little with your family.

To summery, your family show us the realy cultrure of nepal, so the brahmin cast in Nepal beacause I think it's different in the other caste. I liked very much this experience, I met a lot of people in Nepal. Now we love your beautiful country :-)

So, in our mind we keep for our llife some wonderful remembers and I juste want to ruturn there !!

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to Chhahari :-)))

Cuarnens (VD), Switzerland
Kanti Children Hospital -2012

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