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The economic situation in Nepal has been adversely affected in recent years due to mostly non-economic factors. In the domestic front , the country witnessed problems of insecurity emanating from Maoist struggle, political instability and weaknesses in corporate governance –poor institutional capacity, poor transparency and accountability, inadequate legal frameworks, and weak human resources that limited the country’s growth potential. Here we are very interested in assistance of the children and other helpless people. There are so many NGOs and INGOs to help them but seem to be armchair social working but we group of Chhahari Group Nepal, want to contribute to the Nepalese society in some respects assisting some people. We want to be real doer not only dreamer.

Missions & Objectives

The missions and objectives of Chhahari Group Nepal is to encourage and invite national and international volunteers to participate in every social activities and make people known and self dependent with various activities so that they can sustain themselves to overcome each and every problems occurred towards them. Making people literate is our mission too so that they can distinguish the positive and negative aspects of every problems and activities due to which every problems will be solved easily where they will burn at.

Objectives of organization
  • To notify the government, hindrance of the development in time.

  • To provide training for self- help schemes at free of cost.

  • To create cordial environment in the community.

  • To enable the laymen in realizing their duties (discipline, responsibility) at every step of life.

  • To exist job oriented program for poor people.

  • To make people skillful and efficient.

  • To mobilize various social reforms program which have stable instant and positive effect in society.

  • To run a special clean up program in tourism places.

  • To communicate in awareness program in environment and its positive and negative aspects.

  • To familiarize people with modern education training and its importance.

  • To provide free information about cultures, religions, social activities and so on.

  • To inspire the united feeling that all of us are equally committed in development endeavors.

  • To identify, Preserve and promote the heritage enlisted in world heritage list including mountains, Stupas, lakes, caves, National Parks, Temples, Historical and cultural sites, forests etc.

  • To publish papers, calendar, photos, documentaries, CD, Video-cassette for the easiness of Chhahari Group Nepal and distribute them in different countries and concerned organizations.

  • To collect suggestions, complains (if applicable), from every groups, organizations, associations, volunteers, individuals and discuss them for the bright future of Chhahari Group Nepal.

  • To lend helping hand in all round development of Nepal by coordinating different organizations running in Nepal.

  • To communicate public awareness by organizing various programs to evaluate the positive and negative aspects so that people can know right or wrong themselves when problems occurs.

Volunteer Program

Chhahari Group Nepal offers volunteers placement (two weeks to five months) in areas of:

  • Modern English Teaching
  • Health Sector
  • Orphanage
  • Information Technology
  • General information
  • Conservation work or eco work
  • Environmental sanitation awareness
  • Photo galleries of volunteers projects
  • Any other areas as per the volunteers' ideas and opinions.
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